Firsts in San Bernardino

1883 - First Passenger

Train arrives in San

Bernardino (California

Southern Railroad).




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1170 W. Third Street
San Bernardino, CA 92410

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San Bernardino
Historical &
Pioneer Society

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San Bernardino, CA 92402


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Depot & Museum Tour

September 4, 2019

Tours will  be conducted

on  the  first Wednesday of

each month at 10:00 am.

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Virtual Museum Tour

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Photo Histories

Click here to view local San

Bernardino and railroad

photographic histories.


Click here for the Santa 

Fe Railway Historical and

Modeling Society.


Norton AFB Museum

Now Open:

Thursday 10:00 to 2:00

Saturday  10:00 to 2:00



N.A.R.V.R.E. Meeting

at the Mexico Cafe

The next meeting of the

National Association of

Retired & Veteran Railway

Employees will be held

at the Mexico Cafe.





Vehicles Used in San Bernardino now in the Museum

One-Horse "Lady Phaeton" Buggy - Used by Mayor McNabb in the 1910 Centennial Celebration and Mayor Morris in the 2010 Bicentennial ParadeOne-Horse "Studebaker Brougham" - Used in San Bernardino - Circa 1880's. It was on display at Calico Ghost Town 1969-2007. (Studebaker was then the world's largest producer of horse drawn vehicles)The First Automobile in San Bernardino - A Steam Powered 1899 Locomobile


Streetcar Fare Box & Money Changer in Museum

Left:  Typical Fare Box that was common to many streetcars and buses.

Right:  Money Changers came in a variety of sizes. This one had five barrels: one for quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies & tokens. 


Bells and Whistles located throughout the Museum

Steam Locomotive Bell, probably Manufactured during World War II Bell from the USS San Bernardino, LST-1189, a Tank Landing Ship 


Bell on the Fire Department's 1890 Hose Wagon is operated by a Foot Pedal

Bell sounds and the Light flashes when the Museum's Wigwag is activatedFive Chime Whistle from a Union Pacific Steam LocomotiveSix Chime Whistle from a Santa Fe Steam Locomotive


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