May 7, 2016 - Diamond from the Colton Crossing

The Colton Crossing before it was replaced in 2013 by the elevated east-west rail structure allowing UP trains to pass over the BNSF north-south tracks. 

In 2013, the new Colton Crossing Rail-to-Rail Grade Separation raised the east-west Union Pacific Railroad tracks to allow them to pass over the north-south BNSF tracks.  For over 130 years the intersecting tracks had caused major delays.

One the the Colton Crossing Diamonds (intersecting tracks on the same level) that was removed during the construction of the Grade Separation Project was saved for the City of San Bernardino.

In the photograph below (dated May 7, 2016) we see the Colton Crossing Diamond in front of the Depot. It was later cemented into the driveway at the entrance to the Depot.

2016 Colton Crossing Diamond before it was permanently installed in front of the Santa Fe Depot.