December 16, 2017 - San Bernardino Downtown Passenger Rail Project

2017 The two tracks closest to the Depot are to be used by Metrolink and the third track used by Amtrak, freight trains and other through trains.

The purpose of the San Bernardino Downtown Passenger Rail Project is provide a one mile extension of Metrolink infrastructure from San Bernardino's Santa Fe Depot to the San Bernardino Transit Center.

The Project included: realignment and addition of a second track; modifications of railroad communication and signal systems; a new passenger platform North of the Depot; new platforms at the Transit Center; grade crossing closures; street and utility improvements; parking lots, landscaping and irrigation; security systems; and a pedestrian overpass West of the Depot.

Metrolink passengers will now board their train on one of two tracks located North of and closest to the Depot.

The third track to the north of the Depot is for Amtrak, freight trains and other though trains.

December 16, 2017, marked the completion of the Project and cleared the way for Metrolink to begin passenger service connecting the Santa Fe Depot to the recently completed Transit Center.  

The new overpass (stairs and elevator) West of the Depot, is used to route passengers from the Depot to the platform that serves Metrolink passengers on the second rail and Amtrak passengers on the third rail.  

2017 An Amtrak Passenger Train, enroute from Chicago to Los Angeles, has stopped in front of the Depot to load and offload passengers.