April 30, 1986 - ATSF 3751 is Moved Out of S. B.

(Courtesy of Craig Walker)

ATSF 3751 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in May 1927, as the first 4-8-4 built for Santa Fe. The engine was retired in August 1953, and was donated to the City of San Bernardino in 1958.

After sitting on display for 28 years, ATSF 3751 was moved out of Viaduct Park on April 30, 1986.

No. 3751 was then transferred to the former Kaiser Steel Mill in Fontana.  There, the restoration was completed by the dedicated volunteers of the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society at a cost of more than $700,000.

The locomotive began her second life as a steam excursion locomotive, traveling to Bakersfield in 1991. Since then destinations have included Chicago, Sacramento, San Diego and the Grand Canyon. Since 2004, ATSF 3751 has been in San Bernardino several times.

Today, 3751 is stored in Los Angeles at Redondo Junction.

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