June 5, 1964 - The Rolling Stones

      First American Concert


Songs performed by the Rolling Stones during their first U. S. concert (held in San Bernardino on June 5, 1964) include:

1.  Not Fade Away (The Crickets)

2.  I'm Talking About You (Chuck Berry)

3.  I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles)

4.  Hi-Heel Sneakers (Tommy Tucker)

5.  Route 66 (Nat King Cole)

6.  Walkin' the Dog (Rufus Thomas)

7.  Tell Me (The Rolling Stones)

8.  Beautiful Delilah (Chuck Berry)

9.  Can I Get a Witness (Marvin Gaye)

10.  I Just Want to Make Love to You (Muddy Waters)

11.  I'm All right (Bo Diddley)


*  The "June 1 - 1964" date on the poster is incorrect.  The Rolling Stones first U. S. tour began on June 1st when they arrived in New York at JFK Airport and gave a news conference.

*  On June 2nd & 3rd the Stones appeared on TV's Les Crane Show & Hollywwod Palace Show.

*  On June 4th they visited the RCA Recording Studios in Los Angeles.

*  The Rolling Stones' first U. S. concert actually took place in San Bernardino's Swing Auditorium at the National Orange Show on June 5, 1964, not on June 1, as the poster indicates.  And you could buy a ticket for $5.00.

*  Keith Richards said of their first American gig, "It was a straight gas, man.  They all knew the songs and they were all hopping.  It was like being back home.  Ah, love these Americans and Route 66 mentioned San Bernardino, so everybody was into it".

Note: On your next visit to the Museum look for the Rolling Stones' poster with the correct date.