1960s - Viaduct Park 

The Santa Fe Roundhouse is at the top right. Viaduct Park is located at the bottom of the photo, north of 2nd Street and east of the Mt. Vernon Bridge.

* Viaduct Park, west of the Depot, is bounded by Mt. Vernon Ave., 2nd & 3rd Streets, and the Santa Fe Rail Yard.

* Before it was named Viaduct Park, the area was known as Garner's Grove, a popular picnic place.

* In the above photo, ATSF 3751, engine and tender, is on display in the middle of Viaduct Park (1958-1986) .

* To the left of the 1927 steam locomotive, is the tiny railroad depot that was once located at E Street and the tracks south of Rialto Avenue.

* In 1986, ATSF 3751 was removed from Viaduct Park and the E Street Depot was disassembled.

* In 2011, Viaduct Park was turned into the Metrolink Parking Structure, which accommodates about 350 cars.

* In the lower right of the above photo, a Flying A Service Station is situated at the intersection of 2nd and 3rd Streets.

Looking southeast towards 2nd Street, we see ATSF 3751 on display in Viaduct Park.