May 28, 1928 - Tunnel Under the Tracks


Pictured above is the 1951 Track Chart for Santa Fe's "A" Yard  in San Bernardino showing the location of the concrete tunnel that ran under the tracks from Third Street to the shops.  It was located approximately 325 east of the current Depot.  

The tunnel was approximately 700 feet long with one entrance on the south side and two on the north side.  It was desgned to provide easy access to the shops for the Santa Fe employees that lived south of Third Street.

The $100,000 pedestrian tunnel formally opened on May 28, 1928, to the thousands of visitors on "Santa Fe Day".  The tunnel was opened to the employees early the previous week. As soon as the tunnel was placed in commission, work was started tearing down the old foot viaduct, as the Overhead Walkway was called.

The Overhead Walkway was located in approximately the same location as the new tunnel and served the Santa Fe employees for nearly 25 years.

1921 Photo of ATSF 3721 Under the Santa Fe Employee Overhead Walkway in San Bernardino (R. P. Middlebrook/S. Kistler)