June 30, 1947 - Officer Johnnie Epps

                  Officer Johnnie Epps

* The late Johnnie Epps was born November 24, 1925, in Louisiana.

* He was the son of Novella Sampson and the husband of Mariah J. Epps.

* After serving in the Army Air Corps during World War II, Epps moved to San Bernardino.

* On June 30, 1947 he was hired as the San Bernardino Police Department's first Africian American police officer.

* Officer Epps remained with the San Bernardino Police Department until 1950, when he was reactivated by the military to serve in the Korean War.

* Tragically, Officer Epps was killed in a traffic accident on December 3, 1950.

  * Officer Epps is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in San Bernardino.

* Today, his photograph and shield are proudly displayed at San Bernardino Police headquarters.