1921 - Santa Fe Smokestack & Whistle

Plate attached near the bottom of the Smokestack

The Smokestack was build in 1921 to support the adjacent Power Plant that was constructed two years later.

It is 10 feet in diameter and 189 feet tall. The Smokestack and the Depot are the most prominent and only structures that remain after Santa Fe's 100 plus years in San Bernardino.

Immediately to the north of the Smokestack is an 80 foot tall steel pipe topped with the steam Whistle that was installed on the Power Plant.

The Whistle is now operated by compressed air at 8 AM, noon & 5 PM.

Additionally, there are a couple of Santa Fe clocks and a Santa Fe Air Raid Siren on display in the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum, located within the Depot.