July 15, 1918 - Current Santa Fe Depot

The above photo shows the current Santa Fe Depot while under construction in San Bernardino in 1917.  The $800,000 depot featured mission-style architecture with domes, towers and a tile roof.  It opened to the public on July 15, 1918.  

The depot was restored in 2002-2004 and tracks were added and realigned in 2015-2017. Today, the depot serves Amtrak and Metrolink passengers.

It is home to the San Bernardino History & Railroad Museum, and the Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society (SFRH&MS) which maintains the Western Archives of the Santa Fe Railroad.

Government agencies located within the depot include: SBCTA (San Bernardino County Transportation Authority), SCAG (Southern California Association of Governments) and LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission for San Bernardino County).  

The depot is across the tracks from the BNSF intermodal facility.  Over 100 freight trains pass by the depot each day.

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Santa Fe Depot still standing and open for business in San Bernardino.