June 20, 1891 - Otis House...Heritage House


            George E. Otis (1846-1906)                        Heritage House, 8th and D Streets, San Bernardino, CA


*  Judge George Otis built this beautiful Queen Anne style house in San Bernardino sometime before June 1891 as an investment; he was living in Redlands at the time and never lived in this house.

*  Official records show that Otis sold the house to John L. Campbell on June 20, 1891.

*  Past owners of the house include: Campbell's dependents, Mrs. E. D. McLeod, O. F. Higginson, W. W. Brison, Jr., Jeff McElvaine, E. O. Ames, Robert Ames, W. F. and Lilian Miles, Marshall and Betty Miles, and the Santa Fe Federal Savings and Loan.

*  In December 1978, Santa Fe Federal deeded the house to the City of San Bernardino Historical Society (now the San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society).

*  In the spring of 1982, the house was moved from 772 North D Street to 796 North D Street, at the Southwest corner of 8th and D Streets.

*  In July 1984, after renovation was completed,  the house was opened to the public. (Currently the house is open each Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00).

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