December 03, 1889 - David H. Wixom

1893 photograph of San Bernardino Fire Chief David H. Wixom

David H. Wixom was a farmer and teamster by trade.

In 1882 & 1883 he was elected City Marshall of San Bernardino and was deputy assessor for four years.

In 1888 he became a member of the San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers.

Wixom became San Bernardino's Fire Chief on December 3, 1889, and was Chief for five years.

He started the reorganization of the department, making it partly paid (it had been an all volunteer fire department up until then).

During his tenure, new equipment was purchased, plus training of the firefights made for a much improved Fire Department.  

In 1890 the City installed a pressurized water system consisting of 20 miles of pipes and strategically placed fire hydrants.  

Also in 1890 a horse-drawn wagon was purchased to carry 2,800 feet of hose.  This wagon has been restored and is currently housed in the San Bernardino History and Railroad Museum.

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