August 11, 1875 - Southern Pacific Railroad

                A Missed Opportunity

*  In 1873, the Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) wanted to extend its service eastward from Los Angeles to the San Gorgonio Pass.
*  In 1874, the businessmen of San Bernardino were asked to purchase $100,000 worth of bonds, however the railroad would not promise to build through the town, but only as near to it as possible.
*  The bonds were not purchased, so the SP made major investments in what was to become the town of Colton and put its tracks south of San Bernardino.
*  On August 11, 1875, the first train to enter San Bernardino Valley entered Colton, and for a year or more it remained the end of the line.
*  It was not until September 13, 1883, that the first passenger train entered the City of San Bernardino via the California Southern Railroad from National City (near San Diego).