March 9, 1835 - "S. Bernardino" on a California Map

1832 Map of California

The "Notes on Upper California, A Journey from Monterey to the Colorado River in 1832", by Dr. Thomas Coulter was presented to the Royal Geographic Society of London, March 9, 1835.

In addition to the text, there was Dr. Coulter's 1832 Map of California.  This was the first time that the words, "S. Bernardino" were included on a map of California.  

Thomas Coulter discusses San Bernardino Peak and Rancho San Bernardino in his Notes on Upper California and published a map that accurately depicts the location of San Bernardino.  He stated,

"The only settled portion of Upper California lies along the coast; the missions being nearly all within one day's journey from it. The only point where a mission that has any settlement further inland is at San Gabriel, where the Rancho of San Bernardino is at the head of the valley, some thirty leagues [ninety miles] from the port of San Pedro. This is indeed the only point of either Californias, south of San Francisco, capable of sustaining a large population."


Note that in 1832 Los Angeles is listed as a "Pueblo" yet the islands and missions are properly named.