October 25, 1968 - Santa Fe Superintendent's Car

1965 Photograph of Santa Fe Superintendent's Car No. 406 parked just East of the Depot in San Bernardino.

Santa Fe No. 406 was a steel Superintendent's Car manufactured by Pullman in 1926.

It was 52 feet long and equipped with four-wheel trucks and 37 inch Santa Fe standard rolled steel wheels. The nine foot wheel base insured an easy riding car.

Car 406 was assigned to Santa Fe's Middle Division in the 1950s.

In 1959 its Waukesha air conditioning system was replaced with window air conditioners, about the time it was moved to San Bernardino and assigned to A. K. Johnson, Superintendent of Santa Fe's Los Angeles Division.

The Los Angeles Divsion headquarters was located on the second floor of San Bernardino's Depot and Superintendent Johnson used Car 406 as a mobile office.

By 1964, No. 406 had been modernized with roller bearings, solid steel platform railing & shadow-lined paint.

No. 406 remained in San Bernardino until it was sold to the Texas Tank Car Works on October 25, 1968.

With Car 406 parked near the Depot, we can catch a glimpse of one of the Santa Fe Shops across the tracks.