December 12, 1948 - The First McDonald's


Richard J. McDonald (1909-1998)Murice J. McDonald (1902-1971)

"In the 1940s, the McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice, opened a barbeque restaurant called McDonald's on the southwest corner of 14th and E Streets.

"The Location was just four blocks south of San Bernardino High School and the astute McDonald brothers observed that much of their clientele was comprised of students on school breaks, who needed to eat in a hurry...


"In 1948, as they watched the post-war car craze take hold, the brothers converted McDonald's to a drive-in burger bar.  The grand opening took place on December 12, 1948. It's the moment the fast food industry was born...

"The McDonald brothers...were generous in sharing their methods with others, and acting as mentors to such other fast food pioneers as Neal Baker, founder of the Baker's chain, and Baker's friend and fellow San Bernardino HIgh School classmate Glen Bell, who founded Taco Tia, Taco Bell and De Wienerschnitzel.

"The McDonald brothers sold their business to investing partner Ray Kroc in 1961 for $2.7 million."

(Postcard is from Steve Shaw and text from John Weeks', San Bernardino Bicentennial 1810-2010)