September 13, 1883 - Second Train in San Bernardino

In addition to Calfornia Southern Engine No. 4, another train was in San Bernardino on September 13, 1883, that was pulled by the California Southern Engine No. 12 (decorated with corn stalks and flowers).

It has been often said that No. 12 was the first passenger train that arrived in San Bernardino.  No doubt it looks like a train decorated for a special occassion.  California Southern Engine No. 4  is considered by some as a "inspection" train and not the first passenger train.

The San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society has a copy of a letter from Fred Perris (with an attached photograph) that says that California Southern's Engine No. 4 pulled the first passenger train into San Bernardino.  

Unfortunately, there is little documention of the events of September 13, 1883.